What Are the Uses and Benefits of Turmeric Powder

What are the uses and benefits of turmeric powder is a popular spice in its native India and Asia were it is an essential ingredient in yellow curries and other spice mixtures, but it is also added to foods served around the world from Africa to china, the Middle East and it even finds its way into some staples of western countries. Although it is not commonly found as a pure spice in most American kitchens, what are the uses and benefits of turmeric powder is added to some processed foods that you probably have in your kitchen.

Its vivid yellow-orange color can be found in two stapes found even in most bachelors refrigerator: pickles and prepared yellow mustards. In fact ground Turmeric is generally added to foods in the U.S. merely for it ability to add a bright yellow color, hence one of its common names, “Indian Saffron”.

But this spices usefulness is not limited to coloring and flavoring, ground turmeric is increasingly finding its way into people’s medicine cabinets as Turmeric fingers dietary supplement. Turmeric has a long history of use by Indian and Chinese herbalist who recommend it as a anti-inflammatory and for a host of minor medical conditions. Ground Turmeric’s most active compound, Curcumin, has antioxidant properties that are well documented by western science and numerous studies suggest it may have a number of other medical benefits including helping fight tumors.

what are the uses and benefits of turmeric powder

what are the uses and benefits of turmeric powder

What are the uses and benefits of turmeric powder Recipes & Cooking Hints

-Turmeric has a strong, sharp, and earthy flavor and aroma with hints of ginger and pepper.

-Since ground turmeric’s earthy flavors nicely complement other rich earthy flavors, try adding it to stews, game, ….It can even be added to melted butter and drizzled over vegetables and even whole grain pasta.

– Since ground turmeric has a strong flavor only a small amount is generally added to foods. Cooks should also keep in mind that turmeric’s flavor intensifies as it is cooked.

– Substitute a small pinch of what are the uses and benefits of turmeric powder for the much costlier saffron when it is being added primarily for color.

– Add a small amount of ground turmeric to your chicken soup or broths to give it a nice hearty yellow color.

– To put a different twist on traditional devilled eggs try substituting the paprika for ground turmeric.

About Turmeric

Ground Turmeric is made by finely grinding the dried rhizomes of Curcuma longa. These rhizomes grow underground and resemble a fleshy root, much like a small version of ginger with a bright orange-yellow inner color. This tropical perennials sends up broad dark green leave that are similar to that of the popular canna lily flowers and can grow to a height of three feet. Turmeric is now grown and exported from tropical regions all over the world but is extensively cultivated in its native India where it is a consumed and exported in large quantities.

Because our ground Turmeric is intended for culinary purposes its Curcumin content is not standardized, but in general, ground turmeric averages about 3% Curcumin by weight. Yellow curry is often touted as a healthy food because one of its main ingredients is ground turmeric, and true pepper (Piper nigrum) which increase the absorption of the Curcumin in the turmeric.

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